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Hey all!!

Just wanted to say my new comic RAGTAG is up on USA TODAY along with an interview

Ragtag 1 my USA TODAY COMIC!!! by kross29

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Hey all,

Hope ur Saturday is going well. Cause mine is going terrible.

lol just kidding. but mine would be great if you went out or in this case net-shopped and bought some of my comics. the money helps fund the next round of comics I'm making right now.


Henna Promo6 by kross29

available on the internet's largest digital comics store comixology!…

Others are Vol 1 of My Dog is a Superhero! available in print and online at barnes and noble and Amazon

My Dog is a Superhero!!! Devils Due Digital by kross29

And I love Comics

available online I Love Comics is out from Devils Due Digital by kross29

Oh and the awesome story i did for ONI PRESS called Galzilla in their Jam Anthology

Galzilla 1 by kross29…

Thanks!!!! The Kross29 Buy My Comics Foundation sincerely appreciates it.
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Hey all!

On my way to Cola Con today!

It's in Columbia South Carolina at the museum. So drop on by if you're in the area. I'm selling a small print run of Henna Hanson Must Save Prom Cover by kross29

drawing color pencil commissions!

Cyclops by kross29

and selling copies of Oni Press' Jam which I had this story featured in

Galzilla 1 by kross29

you can buy each individually or get all 3 for $30!

:D see ya there!
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Hey everyone just wanna say thanks for the support and comments. DA has taken down all of my photos in that dude's gallery.
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THIS PERSON :iconeternalflameboy: HAS STOLEN MY ARTWORK! His entire gallery are my drawings. I have notified DA about it. But just to let this person know, it's extremely lame to do such a thing!!! Arrgh!!!
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Hey guys and gals!! i was blessed enough to get in an upcoming Heavy Metal Magazine artbook, featuring work from Jim Mahfood, Simon Bisley, David Mack and Kevin Eastman! that's right the kevin eastman who co=created ninja turtles!!!

it's promoting this awesome webseries kickstarter starring an old lady who's an awesome assassin. fantastic stuff!!!!

Agent 88!!! by kross29

support it before time runs out!!!!!…
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Yep I'm gonna be there most likely hanging at the SCAD Booth! or around :iconlunarjarrett: 's table.

Come find me. I'll draw u stuff for a great price!
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What's up everybody!

It's been a minute butttt I teamed up with my SCAD alum and good friend Jarrett Williams (SuperPro KO) on an interview for Deconstructing Comics…

Also BUY MY COMICS! lol :D

here's some links and pics of stuff i've done

My Dog is a Superhero!!! Devils Due Digital by kross29…

I Love Comics is out from Devils Due Digital by kross29…

The rest! lol…
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It's for the Savannah College of art and Design's Continuing Education Department!

It's open to anyone and I need like 2 more students to sign up by this Friday the 24th!…

here's something i came up with while working on the class

Science Ape Detectives crew by kross29

Let's create together!!!!!!!
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What's up peeps! (i'm bringing that word back along with jiggy)

Lol and if you're still reading this check out my new tumblr page… where i'll post up thoughts while making comics. First up the New Spiderman movie.

oh i'm on twitter too!/RashadDoucet
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What's up peeps!!!

Been forever since I posted a journal, been working my butt off on various projects.

One of which is teaching an online illustration course called AMAZING CHILDREN'S BOOKS ILLUSTRATION METHODS hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design's Continuing Education department. the cool part is that it's open to the public, no need to apply to the school and all that. So if you have the time I'd love to see some of you sign up.

SIGN UP BY January 9th!!!

It'd make a fantastic christmas gift :D
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What's up everybody!!!!

Just wanted to say the anthology series i started with :iconjey09: and :iconsquallrulz06: is available to purchase at Googles Online Store Graphicly for only 99 cents!!!… right one penny less than a dollar lol!!!

and you get 30 pgs of that you can read on your phone, ipad, nook, or computer.

Each issue will feature three 10 pg ongoing stories from the three of us. that will continue in subsequent issues

Brawl's Story- a tale starring one of my oldest characters, Brawl. a girl who's had enough of the superhero politicians who run the world she lives in and who support a war that's tearing their kingdom apart.

here's a couple of preview pgs.   Brawl's Story Preview 1 by kross29    Brawl's Story Preview 2 by kross29

Hammer! by :iconjey09: is about an adventurous but lonely boy named Stud with the power to turn his hands into hammers who goes on a quest to find his parents through journey through magic story books! Here's a preview Hammer by Jey09
Hammer Ch1 pg1 by Jey09

ALL STAR by: Chris :iconsquallrulz06: is an awesome take on just what it means to be a superhero. believe me you haven't read one like this ever. and yeah everybody says that. but it's for realz this time lol.

Yep you get all of this for only 99cents!!! buy it. love it. tell everybody.…

Also check out the Facebook pg.…

invite others to month long release event!!…

and this is me on Twitter lol.!/RashadDoucet/st…

where i sometime tweet my everyday adventures. (lol hint it involves alot of drawing and watching Mad Men) :D

Thanks a billion!!!!
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So yeah awesome things have been going on since my last post. Wish I could talk more about it but until then here's some current awesome things.

I'm tabling at the first ever Cola-Con a hip hop and comics convention… taking place for one day only (September 2nd) at the Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina. If you're in the area pleas drop by I'll be there with superstar Jarrett Williams selling prints and doing commissions.

$3 prints that I'll have

The Clown Prince of Crime by kross29   
Hulk Smash by kross29     Mangaverse Spiderman re-design by kross29

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by kross29   Naruto by kross29   nextWAVE by kross29

i'm also taking color pencil commission orders for $10

here's some examples of what i've done before

Spider-clan Spidey by kross29    Luffy-fro by kross29

And I'll be selling very, very few copies of books that I've done.

so please drop by if you can and say hello I'd super appreciate it and you'll get a free bookmark :D

Oh and my Superman story I did for fun got a brief write up on Comic Book Resources' Robot 6 Blog… :D :) :D

til next time!
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What's up everyone!

It's been a good while since I had the chance to post anything here, been super busy with teaching workshops and freelance gigs. Hopefully they'll be some big announcements coming from me in the next few weeks.

Anyway Enjoy the new art in the gallery.

Thanks :D
What's up everybody!!!!

I'll be attending Heroes Con in Charlotte this weekend. AND I'm teaching a workshop called Story Driven Character Design! Kinda geeking out over the whole thing. But drop on by I'll be hanging at the SCAD booth throughout the con.

Hope to see some of you there! :D
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Yep I've joined twitter.!/RashadDoucet or @rashaddoucet lol i have no idea how it works but follow me i promise to update with my really random thoughts as i draw all day.

Also I've been thinking of doing commissions. Ten dollars for a digital sketch. similar to how i did this image Henna Hanson Must Save Prom by kross29

and $55 for original color pencil drawings.  similar to Supergirl_2 by kross29 that I'd mail off to you.

Only one character. anything more we could discuss the price.

Anyway let me know what you think.
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Lol this is rather trivial but today I woke up and read two articles on fight scenes from the comics reporter……

which are decent lists. especially the Popeye example. but I still feel like it was picked by people who don't truly love fight scenes.  Why? cause there was no mention of any shonen manga fight scenes at all. Which to any of you who didn't know fight scenes in comics are just flat out owned by this genre. Sure there are some great examples in the rest of comics, but most western fight scenes are relegated to 2 to 3 pages if we're lucky. It;s always rushed through in my opinion and I'm sure this has to do with the 22 pages a month schedule, so you can't have an issue of all fighting cause I'm sure there's other info you want and have to convey. But i still feel like western comic fight scenes are usually pretty simple and not as epic as they should be, especially in regards to shonen manga and good lord high quality anime. I truly wish more western comic reporting would include stuff like this in their lists. I guess it's because they think the fights are meaningless and are there for flash more than substance and not to say that that isn't true sometimes but i really thinks it comes from lack of reading and appreciating the genre.

So regardless I put together a quick list based on the comics I've read. And I'll be honest, only five choices is hard.
DISCLAIMER- to my One Piece Fans I haven't read all of it so please forgive me.

#5- Blink vs Armageddon in Astonishing Xmen #4. (not the whedon one, the original one)
drawn by Joe Mad. i can't say enough how those 4 issues help build the foundation of everything I am comics wise, lol over the last 15 years since it came out i've bought that issue 4 times lol. realized it the other the day when my old comic collection got mixed in with my current stuff. lol that was pointless but the reason i choose it is because, in those 4 issues we got to meet this new character blink, who was kinda the young kitty pryde of the age of apocalypse world. still trying to prove her worth to the team. So when her mentor, Sabretooth (gotta love the age of apocalypse comics, seriously it's the greatest alternate universe story ever in mainstream comics) was presumably killed, by Apocalypse' son Armageddon. She runs off to fight this ultra powerful guy by her-self. Keep in mind her ability is throw little energy daggers that can teleport you places. But regardless she takes down this guy in #4, clearly proving that she's tough enough to handle things on her own sometimes without the help or guidance of the team.  loved it. here's a link to the old color sketches for it.…

I could say more but I'll never finish this list lol.

#4-Fairy Tale- Natsu vs. that Kajeel, iron dragon dude. (sorry don't have time to look up the chapter number but please comment if you know it)

For those who don;t know fairy tale is an awesome shonen manga about a guild of magic users who take random jobs protecting and helping others. Think hairy potter meets one piece.
So anyway the set up is this. A rival guild is pretty much invading the home team's place, only after taking alot of their jobs. And apparently this guys is flat out unbeatable let alone the rest of his crew. lol he's not even the leader. But regardless Natsu proceeds to fight him in I think at least 20 or saw page slug fest. It's epic, it's awesome and it's drawn well.

#3- Luffy vs. Arlong in an very early arc of One Piece

Man lol I'm running out of time so here's the gist. The village where Nami, luffy's friend, is from has been overtaken by fishman pirates and in this world fishmen are super-mutant badasses. She's been secretly working for their leader Arlong in an attempt to buy the village's freedom, back then it explained why she was always trying to steal things. Even though the rest of the village just thinks she betrayed them by joining Arlong's crew. Regardless she tries to finally pay off Arlong and of course he screws her over. But earlier she'd told Luffy not to interfere and she'd handle it. She then breaks down and finally asks for his help. Once again this was a big deal cause before then Nami was flatout confident, cocky, and not one to put her trust in others for help or anything. So Luffy stands walks to the gate of the pirate hangout, kicks it down and proceeds take out Arlong and his crew. It;s amazing and my words are not doing it justice.

#2- tie between Bleach (end of the save rukia arc) and Spidey vs Morlun.
Man all i can say is that when Ichigo says bankai (power-up) for the first time after spending hundreds of pages of training, battling, and healing all just to save a girl he barely knew, you can't help but raise your fists in joy. Especially since he was saving her from her pretentious brother Byakuya (i'm sure i spelled that wrong) seriously it's the culmination of the first 10 or more volumes of this comic and the best storyline so far of the series. Just flat out amazing.

Now i know of all the Spidey fights, i choose this obscure reference but the reason is that like most superhero fight scenes, they're never truly epic slug fests that last long or at least are drawn with a ton of panels on a few pages. it's usually hero punches, villain punches, a car gets thrown, hero punches again and we're done. 2-3 pages max (and yes i;m simplifying this and yes there are some exceptions) but in this issue of Amazing Spiderman he takes down this supernatural spider-hunting demon type dude who has been hunting him for some time. I can't remember all of Morlun's details all I know that he was ridiculously strong and that spidey was pushed to his max of over a few issues that ended in him defeating a thing that was created to destroy spider-powered beings throughout history. It's like a mouse defeating a lion lol. EPIC

#1 Sasuke vs Naruto (The big fight at the waterfall before the 3 year jump)

Man what can't I say about this. It's the greatest rival/friend battle ever. And once again what makes it so epic is that you know this is coming in the early chapters but don't see it happen til well later. It's also just flat out heartbreaking cause these dudes had finally become friends and to see it crumble  because of Sasuke's unflinching determination to get revenge for the death of his clan just makes it even worse. Seriously at that time Naruto was just some orphan, hated by the village and whose only family was the members of team 7. so to see him fight so hard to keep sasuke, who had become a brother to him, from going, pretty much to the dark side is, rashad can't find the exact words to say it awesome. I think most of the fight is in volume 26 but of course you can't appreciate it without having read the others. Suffice to say when Naruto loses you're kinda sad but still like damn that was epic. (lol this was possibly the worst way to describe this)

But anyway take my word for it. These fights rock!

OH! and honorable mention goes to the entire 12 issue run of Next Wave by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen.

Now off to a SCAD's mini-comic convention!!
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Hey guys, so yeah :iconsquallrulz06: 's the tale of bo jenkins Bo Jenkins Cover by Squallrulz06 is our last super action tale. We're just too busy to give the site the attention it deserves but never the less you might see it return one day in the form of an anthology series. cause it's always been a dream of mine to do an american version of Shonen Jump.

Anyway it was a good a run, and every now and then we might throw up a story.

Thanks for the support and here's the link to Chris' comic…
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Man, it's been a while. I've been toiling away in my comics lab, hoping to bring some new stuff out for next year. But while that's going on me and my 2 homey :iconjey09: and :iconsquallrulz06: have started a webcomic series called SUPER ACTION TALES!

The goal is for each of us to take turns updating the site every friday with a comic we've done. And considering the three of us have been stockpiling stories for a while now, we should be good well into 2011.

here's some links to some of the stories

Don't Let Me Down
Super Action First Post by kross29…

Case of the Mondays
Title Page by Squallrulz06…

Plank cover page by Jey09…

And there's more on the site!

So please check it out and leave comments. We'd love to hear your feedback!!!

Have a good one! :D
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Ok so it's a been a while since I had a good rant, lol I really do try to avoid them these days, but i've read some stuff this week that's boiled over a bit. the first is this article on Mark Millar's new comics/entertainment magazine called CLiNT.…

Now it's not a bad article by any means, and I don't think it was intended to attack what I'm about to mention but I just didn't like the under-tones of it. It pretty much said that stuff like Kick-Ass could only be enjoyed by a certain less mature age group. as if to say once you get in your 40's there's no way this magazine or comic could relate to you and if it did it's some lower form of storytelling. And I see this alot, action stories can't possibly be meaningful or critically acclaimed. especially ones involving characters in spandex. it's as if the notion to even dream of someone being noble enough to attempt such ridiculous and non-normal feats is very adolescent. The only way that it becomes successful is if it's scrutinized and made "real", i.e. Watchmen. the only superheroic tale that's given literary merit. And what does Watchmen say about heroes, that if they were real their heroic ideals would all be corrupted by human shortcomings, and that the only way they could save the world is through a lie. Now there is the ending with Rorshach's info getting to the papers but honestly in a comic that tropes realism and a world where Ozymandias is much more respected and powerful than the convicted and insane, Rorshach, do you honestly think that article will have that much of an effect. Hell Ozymandias probably owns the paper that was going to print it anyway.

Now I'm not saying Watchmen wasn't great or a monumental necessity for the capes and spandex world. Just that why does it have to be the only one that people truly respect. Sure Kingdom Come, Dark Knight Returns, and Batman Year One, gets alot of nods. But not on the Watchmen level. and to be honest I wish they did, cause at least the message in those is that heroic ideals can work. that in spite of some of the horrible things that can happen because of them, heroes' crazy goals can lead to good things. That men and women can achieve such silly dreams. So what's so juvenile about that. Why does being an adult mean you can't accept such things. And on a side note I think there's been a good bit of superheroic storytelling that's just as good as Watchmen but without the nihilistic context. Comics like Warren Ellis' Authority and Nextwave, and Morrison's Final Crisis and definitely All Star Superman. Now with these four series we have a good spectrum of superheroic view points. Ellis work is cynical but still says these ideals can work. While Morrison's are completely optimistic that even in reality's crumbling due to a dying dark god, the heroes still fight to save it all. Or like in all star Superman, where Superman upon finding out that he's dying, does everything in his power to leave the world a better place, wrapping up his human ties, i.e. telling lois who he is. dealing with his father's death, and well just not being whiny, negative, and super-introspective about it all.

Ok well that was a tangent, but back on track. so then i read this article… about an anonymous, possibly big time comics writer's lamenting on the state of mainstream comics. and i get it, not every book superhero book is good. or great. But why is it the one entertainment medium that's supposed to be so dang-gum perfect. It's like every book is supposed to open the door to super-heroic enlightenment. lol i'm sorry that you can't go into any shop and pick up a random book and it not be gold. But then again when can you ever do that. You surely don't go to a bookstore thinking the first random book you pick is going to be great. But in super-comics good lord they're all supposed to be good apparently. And that's the bias I'm talking about. everyone's looking for the next Watchmen and if it doesn't meet that standard then it's crap. (ok that was a bit extreme but you get what i'm saying) The sad part is that there are alot great superhero books out right and I really think the average one is written alot better than the average of the past. Now what alot of them lack is imaginative and often crazy ridiculous concepts of the silver and golden ages. Ya know stuff like Superman's new mermaid girlfriend or Batman's shark repellent. Things that added random fun to the issues. Of course the downside to this is that that's all those stories could be, fun, useless one or 2 issue romps but nothing too serious. and the problem with modern books is that it often gets wayyyyy to serious and real, but then again that's the lasting effect of Watchmen again, things have to be more "real" now. And honestly i think the answer lies in between the fun concepts of the past mixed with the realism of Watchmen. Hence why I think books like all star Superman and Nextwave are sooo good. but anyway my point is that no other genre of comics has to stand up to such scrutiny. Of course not every super-book you read is going to be good, but the same could be said for indy books, manga, mini-comics, etc. I've said this for years but there's good and bad comics in all genres.

So what Im saying is either give superhero books a break or please hold the other genres to such scrutiny.

And to end this on a more positive note, here's a great article about Mark Millar's run on Fantastic Four. I truly love when superhero books are critically analyzed with respect and not with condemnation.…

Ok long rant complete.

Super-cool points for reading this.
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