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March 26, 2011
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A Superman Tale pg20 by kross29 A Superman Tale pg20 by kross29
last page. hope ya enjoyed it!

previous pages [link]
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jucamovi1992 Oct 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I like your comic, the drawings are very good.
I think it would be great to see a universe where Clark and Lana can be together. I know his girlfriend Lois has always been, but I always prefer to Lana, in all versions of Superman. A while I wanted to draw a comic precisely Clark in Smallville and his romance with Lana Lang, Lori would include main rival in love Lana. Lois would include it but only as a minor character, very minor.
Eventually Lana Clark would choose, sounds weird but I like it, clearly then create an alternate ending that is true to the story, but just with some changes.
Greetings I think you have a great future, pardon over comment.
kross29 Oct 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
Man this is one of those comics I'd show to a kid around 10 or 11 and actually feel good showin' it to'em. I loved your take, and how it really focused on his human parts like All-Star did(good to know you got your inspiration from the best of the best). Um, being a teen myself, I laughed out loud when Clark was all like, "don'ttouchherboobsdon'ttouchherboobsdon'ttouchherboobsdon'ttouchherboos". Have you read Morrison's Action Comics, and what do you think of it? And when will you make more?
kross29 Aug 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
thanks alot. and yeah i totally read his action comics. loved the first 3 alot. and the rest is pretty good. love the ideas he's using in the book.w
mynameisfaerie Sep 5, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it!
kross29 Sep 5, 2011  Professional General Artist
thanks for reading!!!
kross29 Aug 29, 2011  Professional General Artist
DaybreakST Apr 7, 2011
Great job on the comic! I want to see more :). Couple of questions. Do most people in smallville know about Clark's powers? His dad mentions someone asking clark to move stuff every saturday. Also are clark and lana dating or just best friends? Why are they moving to metropolis? Are they going to live together? Just lots of questions, but very interesting in your take on Superman. Also i say go with what you like, if you want him and lana to end up together then go for it, don't feel like he has to go with lois. This is your take on the mythos! And i like it :)
kross29 Apr 8, 2011  Professional General Artist
and on to the questions.

1. yeah they do, i figure it'd be impossible for them not to, with clark being so active. i just figure most of them are good hearted enough to not make a big deal of it. but if i do more of the series some them might be persuaded to say who he is once he becomes superman publically.

2. no they're definitely a couple and are moving in together. chapter 2 would deal with them and their careers in metropolis.

as for the lois thing, i totally agree with you but i feel like lois is essential to the superman myth. i just want to come up with a good reason for him to choose her over lana. which would play out in that lois is more self-centered than lana, with less of her wanting to fight along side him like my version of lana does. man if i ever get to do more you'll see how him and lana slowly grow apart in the big city. dying to get to lex which i briefly mentioned in this story. who won't be the villain just yet, cause i really want to play off the friendship between him and clark. and oh the person who i did decide to be the big bad for the first arc is just awesome, lol well at least my take on him.
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